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Enhancing Connectivity: How to Change the USB Connector on a Samsung Device Without Losing the Microphone Functionality

Samsung How to Change USB Connection


The USB connector on Samsung devices plays a vital role in charging the device, transferring data, and connecting to various accessories. However, over time, the USB connector may become damaged or worn out, affecting its functionality. In this article, we'll explore the process of changing the USB connector on a Samsung device without losing the microphone functionality, ensuring seamless connectivity and uninterrupted communication.

Understanding the Issue

When replacing the USB connector on a Samsung device, it's essential to preserve the microphone functionality, as it is often integrated into the same component. Failure to do so may result in the loss of microphone capabilities, impacting essential features such as phone calls, voice recordings, and video chats. Therefore, it's crucial to approach the replacement process with care and precision to ensure that both the USB connector and microphone continue to function properly.

Steps to Change the USB Connector Without Losing Microphone Functionality: Follow these steps to change the USB connector on your Samsung device while preserving the microphone functionality:

how to change port usb samsung

When changing the charging usb conector for a Samsung phone or any other type. We often find that the microphone is very close to the charging outlet, and therefore the high temperature may reach the microphone and it malfunctions and does not remain working. aluminum foil. And here I changed the outlet safely and easily

Have a non-charging Samsung or other Samsung device? Does the charging wire fall out of the mini-USB port or is it loose? Here are four ways to fix or upgrade the Samsung phone's USB charging port.
Since many smartphone users keep their devices in their pockets, over time lint and other debris may find their way into the USB charging port and obstruct the charging cable's ability to firmly connect with the port contacts. To clear lint and fix your Samsung phone's USB charging port, follow these instructions.

Gather Necessary Tools and Components

Before you begin, ensure that you have the necessary tools and replacement parts, including a compatible USB connector with integrated microphone, precision screwdrivers, and prying tools.

Power Off the Device

Power off your Samsung device completely before starting the replacement process to prevent any electrical damage or injury.

Disassemble the Device

Carefully remove the back cover, battery (if removable), and any other components necessary to access the USB connector assembly.

Disconnect and Remove the Old USB Connector

Locate the USB connector assembly on the device's motherboard and disconnect it from the mainboard.
Using precision screwdrivers and prying tools, carefully remove the old USB connector from its housing.

Install the New USB Connector

Place the new USB connector into the housing and ensure that it is properly aligned with the device's chassis.
Carefully reconnect the USB connector to the mainboard, ensuring that all connections are secure.

Reassemble the Device

Once the new USB connector is installed, reassemble the device by replacing the back cover, battery, and any other components you removed earlier.

Test Functionality

Power on the device and test the functionality of both the USB connector and microphone.
Verify that the device can charge, transfer data, and recognize accessories connected via USB.
Test the microphone by making a phone call, recording a voice memo, or using voice commands to ensure that it is functioning correctly.


By following these steps, you can change the USB connector on your Samsung device without losing the microphone functionality, ensuring that your device remains fully functional and capable of seamless connectivity. Remember to exercise caution and precision during the replacement process to avoid damaging any components and to preserve the integrity of your device.
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