Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro | Disassembly

How to disassemble Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) SM-J330

Samsung Galaxy J330 (J3 Pro 2017) Disassembly

Samsung J3 (2017) Sm-j330fm Display Replacement

  • Samsung Galaxy J330 (J3 Pro 2017) Disassembly
  • Samsung J330 (J3 Pro) Disassembly


If you ever find yourself in a situation where your phone is entirely functional but then mysteriously stops working. Perhaps it's time to swap out the motherboard. This article will outline the step-by-step procedure for changing the Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro's processing unit.

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 To prevent problems with glass fragments, it is advised to protect the eyes. It is very crucial to properly scale the display in the peripheral areas with a phone or other device. Where is the bias so as to lose commitment and make the lama insertion operation to remove it easier?


Insert the lama between the colored plastic and the glass border (not the plastic and aluminum border) and start separating the display from the frame.
gradually moving the display along the borders
It is preferable to move it from the lower to the upper part. Where there are flats and a router so as not to cause harm.
Remove the plastic athletic glove that covers the connector.
Close the display connector
Remove the outdated display
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  • Samsung Galaxy J330 (J3 Pro 2017) Disassembly
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