disable turn off all sounds in accessibility settings

Disable turn off all sounds in accessibility settings all samsung

In the realm of smartphone accessibility features, options that cater to users with specific needs are paramount. However, encountering challenges, such as the inability to disable "Turn Off All Sounds" in accessibility settings, can impede the user experience. 

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disable turn off all sounds in accessibility settings

This comprehensive guide aims to explore solutions for addressing this problem, providing users with practical steps and insights to overcome this accessibility hurdle and customize their smartphone experience to suit their preferences and requirements.

Disabling "Turn Off All Sounds" in Accessibility Settings

When audio issues occur, it may be that the speaker is broken or that the phone is locked in headphone mode. But in the majority of cases, it seemed that software-related factors were to blame. This is typically what happens when audio for calls, apps, music, and other functions suddenly stops working on new devices.

How to Turn Off In-Call Volume in Samsung

Mobile device audio issues may be the result of faulty hardware, such as a busted audio component, or malfunctioning software. The techniques I've outlined in this post aim to get rid of any software-related issues that could have destroyed the audio system and resulted in the no sound issue.

Disable turn off all sounds in accessibility settings|all samsung :

  1. You can also increase the overall volume level during a call by selecting More options.
  2. If the volume level is still too low, you can disable noise reduction.
  3. Select > Settings from the menu.
  4. Select >accessibility
  5. To disable the feature, uncheck the Noise reduction checkbox.
  6. To return to the call screen, tap Settings.
Below are the steps to disable your phone's 'Turn off all sounds' option on Marshmallow:

This article will assist you in fixing a sound-related issue with the samsung galaxy grand gt-i9060/ i9060i. Try these easy adjustments before choosing a service.

Understanding the Issue

The "Turn Off All Sounds" option in accessibility settings is designed to provide users with a convenient way to silence all sounds on their devices, enhancing accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments or sensory sensitivities. However, some users may encounter difficulties when attempting to disable this feature, resulting in frustration and limitations in customizing their device settings.

Common Scenarios

Several scenarios may lead users to seek solutions for disabling "Turn Off All Sounds" in accessibility settings:
  1. Inadvertent Activation: Users may accidentally enable the "Turn Off All Sounds" option and struggle to revert to their preferred sound settings.
  2. Preferences for Customized Sound Settings: Some users prefer to customize their device's sound settings according to their specific preferences, which may conflict with the default behavior enforced by the "Turn Off All Sounds" option.
  3. Need for Flexibility: Users may require flexibility in managing sound settings based on different environments or activities, necessitating the ability to enable or disable sound options as needed.

Solutions for Disabling "Turn Off All Sounds" in Accessibility Settings:

Addressing the challenge of disabling "Turn Off All Sounds" in accessibility settings requires a systematic approach and familiarity with the device's settings and features. Below are several solutions and strategies to consider:

Revisit Accessibility Settings:

  • Navigate to the device's accessibility settings menu, typically found in the "Settings" app.
  • Locate the "Hearing" or "Sound" category, where accessibility features related to sound settings are often located.
  • Look for the "Turn Off All Sounds" option and attempt to disable it by toggling the switch or selecting the corresponding option.

Reset Accessibility Settings:

  • If attempts to disable "Turn Off All Sounds" are unsuccessful, consider resetting the device's accessibility settings to their default configuration.
  • Navigate to the device's settings menu and locate the "Accessibility" or "Accessibility & Dexterity" section.
  • Look for options to reset accessibility settings to default or factory settings, which may resolve any conflicts or issues related to the "Turn Off All Sounds" feature.

Update Device Software:

  • Ensure that the device's software is up-to-date by checking for available system updates in the settings menu.
  • Software updates often include bug fixes and improvements that address accessibility-related issues, including the functionality of accessibility features such as "Turn Off All Sounds."

Seek Manufacturer Support:

  • If efforts to disable "Turn Off All Sounds" prove unsuccessful, consider reaching out to the device manufacturer or customer support for assistance.
  • Provide detailed information about the issue encountered, including the device model, software version, and steps taken to troubleshoot the problem.


Disabling "Turn Off All Sounds" in accessibility settings is essential for users seeking to customize their device's sound settings and accommodate their preferences and needs. By exploring the solutions and strategies outlined in this guide, users can navigate the challenge effectively and regain control over their device's sound settings. Whether through adjusting accessibility settings, resetting configurations, updating software, or seeking manufacturer support, users can overcome obstacles and optimize their smartphone experience to suit their individual requirements.

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