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Download HalabTech Tool v1.0 2023 Latest Version

Hello followers of the Advanced Settings website, in this lesson we will discuss the features of a high-level tool called Halab Tool Tech.

Download HalabTech

By clicking on the link below, it will direct you directly to the site from which you will download the Halab Tech Tool tool for free :


What is the Halabtech program?

It is a free program developed by the distinguished Halab Tech team, who are thanked for their tremendous efforts, as this team is considered one of the oldest and distinguished Arab teams in the field of software. They are the owners of the famous Halab Tech website, which provides a collection of old and modern solutions and files for mobile phone devices.

Descriptions of the free tool Halab tech

The Halab Tech Tool is considered one of the distinctive programs for softphones and is also free. It is used primarily by phone repairmen who do not own expensive, somewhat expensive boxes, and the Halab Tech program is free, of course.

Characteristics and features of the Aleppo Tech tool

The free tool helps in repairing software malfunctions and solving all the problems of Android phones of various kinds. The tool supports Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and HTC phones. Through the program, you can perform many operations such as removing protection, changing the firmware, changing the language, etc.

Halabtech Tool V1.0 Features:


  1. Added Arabic, Turk and Fars Languages on Android 11
  2. Samsung Account remove
  3. Add MTB
  4. Add codes
  5. Read and write EFS on Android 11
  6. Translation update Android 10 and 9
  7. Imei Fix update

Mediatek (MTK)

  • Frp Reset
  • Format
  • Flashing


  • Flash root files Android 10 and 11
  • FRP reset
  • Frp reset on Kirin
  • Kirin 659, 960, 970, and 710 Support


  1. Partition Flashing
  2. Frp reset via TestPoint with loader
  3. Skip MDM on TestPoint with loader

The amazing features of the Aleppo Tech tool for many phones

The Halab tech tool helps phone repairmen with a number of things, such as resolving and deleting the screen lock. For example, for a Samsung phone, it reads the phone’s information, bypasses Google Account, deletes the screen lock, changes the phone’s language, and repairs the serial. As for the HTC phone, it removes Google Account, puts the phone in mode, and relocks the bootloader. As for Huawei phones, you can change the phone, repair phones that are missing the boot, read information about the phone that runs on a Qualcomm processor in ADL mode, and many endless features that require a special experience.

Licence:- Halabtech Tool V0.9 is Free Utility Tool

The HalabTech Tool is available for free download online. You can download whichever version you require because it is available in a variety of versions. Once downloaded, choose Download Mode, EDL Mode, or ADB Mode to connect your device to the computer. Run the app on the computer after connecting. Once the program is launched, you can carry out a number of operations, including as 

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flashing, unlocking, and fixing your device.
An easy-to-use, free mobile repair tool is the HalabTech Tool. Both bootloaders and screen locks can be unlocked by it. Additionally, it helps developers work on their Android smartphones and supports a variety of manufacturers. Additionally, it can cleanse data, remove FRP, activate DIAG new devices, and reset Mi accounts. The majority of Android cellphones are compatible with the software.

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