samsung a2 core - a260 disassembly

how to open Samsung galaxy A2 core a260 disassembly

Opening a Samsung Galaxy A2 Core (A260) requires careful disassembly to avoid damaging the device. Here's a general guide to disassemble it:

Note: Proceed at your own risk. Disassembling your device may void the warranty and can potentially damage the phone if not done correctly.

how to open Samsung galaxy A2 core a260 disassembly

You will need the appropriate spare part as well as the appropriate equipment in order to repair your Samsung Galaxy A2 Core.

Tools Required

  1. Heat gun or hairdryer
  2. Plastic prying tools or opening picks
  3. Tweezers
  4. Phillips screwdriver
  5. Suction cup (optional)


  1. Power Off: Ensure the phone is turned off before beginning the disassembly process.
  2. Remove SIM Tray: Use a SIM card eject tool or a paperclip to eject the SIM tray from the phone.
  3. Heat the Edges: Use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm the edges of the phone. This softens the adhesive holding the back cover in place.
  4. Separate Back Cover: Once the edges are heated, carefully insert a plastic prying tool or opening pick between the back cover and the frame of the phone. Gently work your way around the edges, releasing the clips and adhesive. Take your time to avoid damaging the back cover.
  5. Remove Back Cover: Once the adhesive is sufficiently loosened, lift the back cover away from the phone. Set it aside.
  6. Remove Screws: Locate and remove any screws securing the rear housing to the phone frame. These screws are typically Phillips screws and may be hidden under adhesive covers or rubber plugs.
  7. Separate Rear Housing: Use a plastic prying tool or opening pick to carefully separate the rear housing from the phone frame. Start at one edge and work your way around, releasing the clips holding the housing in place. Be gentle to avoid damaging any internal components.
  8. Disconnect Cables: Once the rear housing is removed, locate and disconnect any cables or connectors attached to the motherboard. Use tweezers if necessary to gently disconnect these cables.
  9. Remove Motherboard: Unscrew any screws securing the motherboard to the phone frame. Carefully lift the motherboard away from the frame and set it aside.
  10. Access Other Components: With the motherboard removed, you can access other internal components such as the battery, camera modules, and other circuitry for replacement or repair.
  11. Reassembly: To reassemble the phone, follow these steps in reverse order. Ensure all cables and connectors are properly reconnected, and screws are tightened securely. Apply new adhesive if necessary before reattaching the back cover.
  12. Test: After reassembly, power on the phone to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

One screwdriver with 31 heads is included in this kit of screwdrivers. To disassemble your Samsung Galaxy A2 Core, the ideal kit.

Remember, this is a general guide and may vary slightly depending on the specific model of your Samsung Galaxy A2 Core.

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It's essential to exercise caution and patience throughout the disassembly and reassembly process to avoid causing any damage to your device. If you're uncomfortable performing these steps yourself, consider seeking assistance from a professional technician.

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