Infinix hot 10 power button not working

INFINIX HOT 9 power button not working

Are you experiencing issues with your INFINIX HOT 10's power button? Fear not—we've got seven tried-and-true solutions to resolve this problem in this post. You can find workable techniques to take back control of your device, ranging from touch assistance and professional repair to cleaning and forced reboots. Take heed of these infallible instructions and discover how to resolve the INFINIX HOT 10 power button problem.

Infinix Hot 10 Play X688 power key

INFINIX HOT 9 power button doesn t work

Have you ever encountered the annoying issue of your INFINIX HOT 9's power button not working? Do not fret! I'm going to provide you 7 incredibly effective solutions today that will help you get rid of this annoyance and get back control of your gadget. See what you can accomplish!

INFINIX HOT 9 cleaning and maintenance

The buildup of dirt and debris around the power button occasionally causes issues with its functionality. Initially, confirm that your INFINIX HOT 10 is unplugged from all power sources and has been turned off. After that, gently clean the power button with a soft, dry cloth to get rid of any possible dirt or dust.
If this still doesn't work, you might try using compressed air to get rid of any more tenacious particles. Recall to exercise caution so as not to overpress and harm the INFINIX HOT 9's button.

Force restarting the INFINIX HOT 10 play

A momentary glitch in the INFINIX HOT 10's operating system may occasionally cause the power button to stop functioning. It may be helpful to force a restart in this case.

Press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time for ten to fifteen seconds, depending on the model of your device. Rebooting the INFINIX HOT 10 play and potentially resetting the power button should result from this.

Activate touch support

Another approach is to activate your INFINIX HOT 10's touch help feature if the power button is absolutely non-responsive. With the help of this feature, you can turn the phone on and off by just touching the screen, creating a virtual button.
This option is located in the accessibility settings of your INFINIX HOT 9. Once enabled, you can utilize this virtual button indefinitely until the problem with the physical power button is resolved.

Check the apps on your INFINIX HOT 10

Occasionally, a specific application can be creating issues and interfering with the power button's functionality. Try restarting your INFINIX HOT 9 in safe mode to see if this is the case.
Because only pre-installed apps are active in this mode, you can identify whether a downloaded program is the source of the issue.
Once the power button functions normally in safe mode, proceed to delete any freshly downloaded apps one by one until the offending software is identified.

Update the INFINIX HOT 10 software

Outdated software may occasionally be the cause of power button issues. Verify whether the operating system of your INFINIX HOT 7 has any upgrades available.
Locate the "Software Updates" or "System Update" option by going to settings. Install any available updates on your INFINIX HOT 10 by downloading and installing them. Updates to the software often fix bugs related to performance, particularly the power button.

Use third-party applications

Apps have been created expressly to address button issues on Android devices. Use the app store on your INFINIX HOT 10 to look up terms like "power button" or "home button."
These applications can take the place of the physical button function when it comes to turning on and off your INFINIX HOT 7. But keep in mind that the model and features of your phone may have an impact on how useful these apps are.

Take your INFINIX HOT 10 to a service center

It might be required to visit an approved service or repair center if you have tried the aforementioned solutions and are still unable to get your power button to function properly. Expert specialists will be better equipped to identify the issue and resolve it.

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They are equipped with the proper tools and know-how to securely replace or repair the power button on your INFINIX HOT 10. To prevent any data loss, make sure you back up your data before transferring the device.

If the power button on your Infinix Hot 9 is not working, it can be quite inconvenient as it's a crucial component for turning your device on and off. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

  1. Restart Your Phone: If possible, restart your phone using alternative methods. Some phones allow you to restart them through software options in the settings menu or by removing and reinserting the battery if it's removable.
  2. Check for Physical Damage: Inspect the power button for any physical damage, such as cracks or debris that may be obstructing its movement. Clean around the button using a soft brush or compressed air to remove any dirt or debris that might be causing the issue.
  3. Test in Safe Mode: Restart your phone in Safe Mode to determine if a third-party app is causing the problem. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button until the power off menu appears. Then, press and hold the "Power Off" option until you see the prompt to enter Safe Mode. If the power button works in Safe Mode, an app may be causing the issue. Try uninstalling recently installed apps to see if the problem resolves.
  4. Perform a Hard Reset: If none of the above steps work, try performing a hard reset on your device. This will erase all data on your phone, so be sure to back up your important files before proceeding. To perform a hard reset, turn off your phone, then press and hold the power button and volume up button simultaneously until the recovery menu appears. Use the volume buttons to navigate to the "Wipe data/factory reset" option, then press the power button to select it. Confirm your selection, and the reset process will begin.
  5. Seek Professional Repair: If the power button still doesn't work after trying the above steps, it's possible that there's a hardware issue with the button itself or the internal components related to it. In this case, it's best to contact Infinix customer support or visit an authorized service center for further assistance. They can diagnose the problem and recommend a solution, which may involve repairing or replacing the faulty components.

If your phone is still under warranty, you may be eligible for a free repair or replacement depending on the terms and conditions of the warranty. Be sure to check with Infinix customer support for more information on warranty coverage and repair options.

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