Soon .. the CAR MODE on google maps may disappeared

the car mode may soon disappear from Google Map

In fact, this is what 9to5Google reveals today. Their teams have taken care to label the APK of the most recent version of the application (14.52). En toutes probabilit├ęs, Google Maps' "Mode Voiture" will make a reappearance in February. What exactly is Google Maps' "Mode Voiture" though?

google maps may disappeared

Google may decide to discontinue support for its Maps Mode Voiture feature starting in 2024

In fact, even if you use Google Maps religiously for your driving routes, it's possible that you have never used the "Mode Voiture" feature of the app. This latter enables access to a simplified interface, providing, among other things, access to Google Assistant and other shortcuts for calls or texts.

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The Disappearance of Car Mode on Google Maps: What Happened?

Google Maps has long been a trusted companion for millions of drivers worldwide, offering real-time navigation, traffic updates, and alternate routes to help users reach their destinations efficiently. Among its features is Car Mode, a functionality specifically tailored for drivers, providing a simplified interface and hands-free navigation options. However, recent reports indicate that the Car Mode feature may have disappeared for some users, leaving them wondering about its fate.

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What is Car Mode?

Car Mode in Google Maps is a specialized interface designed for use while driving. It offers larger icons, simplified menus, and voice command capabilities to minimize distractions for drivers. This feature is particularly valuable for users who rely on Google Maps for navigation during their daily commutes or road trips.

Reports of Disappearance

In recent weeks, users have taken to online forums and social media platforms to report the disappearance of Car Mode from their Google Maps app. Many have noted that the option to enable Car Mode is no longer available in the settings menu, leaving them unable to access the simplified interface they relied on for safe driving.

Possible Explanations

While Google has not issued an official statement regarding the disappearance of Car Mode, several theories have emerged to explain its absence. One possibility is that Google is conducting tests or making updates to the feature, leading to temporary disruptions for some users. Another speculation is that the removal of Car Mode may be part of a broader redesign or restructuring of the Google Maps app.

Impact on Users

For users accustomed to using Car Mode for safer and more convenient navigation while driving, its disappearance represents a significant inconvenience. Without access to the specialized interface, drivers may find it more challenging to interact with Google Maps while on the road, potentially increasing the risk of distractions and accidents.

Seeking Solutions

In the absence of official guidance from Google, affected users are left searching for alternative solutions to replicate the functionality of Car Mode. Some have resorted to third-party apps or accessories that offer similar features, while others are patiently waiting for Google to restore Car Mode to the Maps app.


The disappearance of Car Mode from Google Maps has left many users puzzled and frustrated. While the exact reasons behind its removal remain unclear, affected users are hopeful for its eventual return or for Google to provide alternative solutions to meet their driving navigation needs. In the meantime, drivers are encouraged to prioritize safety and minimize distractions while using navigation apps on the road.
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