Huawei Nova 7i - Be careful before you disassemble

Huawei Nova 7i - Be careful, there is a trap

Welcome, my friends, to a new lesson on our advanced settings website. Our topic today is how to disassemble a Huawei Nova 7 phone. That is, the method is not easy as you imagine. The method is very difficult for one reason, which is a trap located on the back of the phone.

disassembly  Huawei Nova 7i . pic

 Before disassembling the Huawei Nova 7i , you must cut off the Volume Button Flex Cable

The usual method is to heat the back of the phone until the adhesive expands, making it easier to disassemble the phone as is usual.

Be careful before disassembling your Huawei 7i phone

I use a thin, sharp plastic tool to sand the back, but there are some flats glued directly under the back. These flats are for the increase, decrease, and work buttons. They are very thin and susceptible to breaking once the thin plastic piece is passed to disassemble the phone.

Most repairmen fall into this problem and cut off the loose ends
Therefore, we offer important advice to those practicing the maintenance profession to pay attention before dismantling
They begin disassembly from the side opposite the buttons to avoid all problems, and the video below shows the correct way to disassemble the phone.

Power Button & Volume Button Flex Cable for Huawei Nova 7i 

The method is simple and easy. Follow the video below with me from beginning to end so that you do not make a mistake. After that, you cut the flats of the plus and minus buttons and they work for the Huawei Nova 7i phone.
  If you liked the video, share it in groups with your friends so that they do not fall into the trap and then cut off the sound and playback of the Huawei Nova 7i phone.

Huawei Nova 7i Screen lcd Replacement

Is your phone's screen cracking? Or has your Huawei Nova 7i screen stopped responding to touches? Your Huawei Nova 7i screen usually needs to be replaced. Not sure if this is really necessary? Manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), this Huawei Nova 7i screen replacement is of the same calibre as the original. See if your problem is in the list below.

When will you know it is time for a screen replacement on your Huawei Nova 7i?

We always use only the best replacement parts when repairing Huawei Nova 7i smartphones. We use genuine parts most of the time, but if the original parts are not available, we will use a replacement that has the same functionality.

  1. There are cracks in the screen glass.
  2. Vertical coloured streaks are visible on the screen.
  3. Black ink stains on the screen
  4. The screen no longer lights up when the phone is switched on.
  5. The screen no longer responds to touch
 You can contact us in advance to find out what quality parts are available for your specific phone. All parts are tested before we install them. Replacement screens meet the exact manufacturer specifications so you can be sure of a flawless repair. After the Huawei Nova 7i screen repair, everything will work as it should.

JNY-LX2 Screen/Huawei Nova 7i LCD Replacement

AMOLED, S AMOLED, OLED, S LCD, TFT, LED, IPS, Retina, screen, internal screen, touch panel, touch display, digitiser, lens, outer glass, Corning, Gorilla, capacitive and resistive are some of the other names used for the Huawei Nova 7i.

  • huawei nova 7i home button
  • Flex Cable for Huawei Nova 7i
  • huawei nova 7i power button not working
  • Power Button and Volume Button Flex Cable for Huawei Nova 7i
  • Beware, there is an ambush on the Huawei Nova 7i

note important:

Please inspect the screen as soon as you receive it and contact us if there is any damage. We are aware that damage can occur in transit, although this is unlikely.
Please check the screen before installation. If the screen breaks during installation or use, it is not covered by the warranty. If there is no physical damage and the warranty seal is still in place, the screen will be covered by the warranty.

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