itel a49 charging ways track diagram

itel a49 charging board jumper diagram

Good times, dear followers everywhere. Our topic today is how to solve the charging problem of the Itel A49 phone.

itel A49  charging ways track diagram

itel A49 - a661L - charging ways , track diagram

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itel (A49) Charging Problem Solution tracks

In this lesson, I present to you a diagram of the charging paths that are located in the small card located at the bottom of the phone. Charging paths that consist of two lines: negative and positive, as well as data lines. This chart will help a group of technicians or phone repairmen when one of these lines is cut off and they do not know the correct path it was following.

itel a49 charging board diagram port usb

What the technician must do is trace the correct paths shown in the figure in the lesson, using a volt meter tool, measure the paths whether they are correct or not, and if he finds any unconnected line, he should connect it via a copper wire, and then perform the experiment.

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itel a49 charging ic solution

itel a49 charging board itel mobile charging problem
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We will show you all the problems related to charging for the Itel A49 phone, all of them collected in this context, with their various types and various problems. In general, for the mobile phone repairman, a problem often appears from among these problems.

itel a49 charging board.

As for the charging problems that will be related to the board, they are many and very numerous because the board contains very thin paths between the lines that transfer information and charging, as well as the microphone paths and the data paths. Therefore, they are sensitive and susceptible to any problem at any moment. Therefore, one should be careful and then be careful before working with small boards with phones. ITeL A49.

itel a49 charging jumper.

The charging paths jumper for the Itel 49 phone are shown in the figure as well as in the video. All you have to do is check with a voltmeter before you fix the problem.

itel a49 charging problem.

As for me, the charging problem message for all Ital phones is multiple. Sometimes the problem is with the battery and other times the problem is with the charger. This message is for a charging problem and should be checked before performing the operation.

itel a49 charging solution.

There are many solutions to the charging problems with the Itel a49 phone. There are some who change the charging port alone, and some who change the entire board to bypass the general problem and may fall into the trap of the network or the microphone. Therefore, only the power should be replaced.

itel a49 charging ways.

Each of the phone repairmen has his own way of repairing the phone. As for the positive methods for charging problems, they are correct measurements, changing the correct parts for the problem, and following up on the paragraphs.

Here are the steps and stages that must be followed to find out where the problem is:

Frankly, they are easy and simple steps, and if you follow them properly, you will get very good results
  1. Disassembling the phone for the first time, as is known.
  2. Remove the small board located at the bottom of the phone.
  3. Rely on the diagram that is in the lesson to detect the defect.
  4. Using an amperemeter, we measure the paths that lead to charging.
  5. Start by measuring the negative electrode and then the positive electrode.
  6. I measure until I find that the line is not connected, and then I connect it via copper wire.
  7. Try it, congratulations, the process was completed successfully.
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