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itel a49 running ways jumper solution track

Itel A49  buzzer jumper solution
itel a49 running jumper solution

itel a49 a631l running jumper solution

Welcome, dear viewers, to a new lesson on our website, advanced settings. In this lesson, we will discuss the topic of the lack of sound on the Itel A49 A631L phone.

Itel A49 Play A631L buzzer jumper solution

The problem with this phone is that it does not have any sound
  Video sound. Speakerphone and no ringing.

Itel A49 Play A631L runner ways

When I made the necessary measurements, I found that the problem was in the small board that contains the charging port and the microphone, and I traced the sound diagram for the speaker.

Itel a49 play running Jumper Solution 100% Ok

There are two lines for positive and negative sound. Using the voltmeter tool, we measure the correct lines drawn in the figure.

itel a49 running not working

If you find any line that is not connected, connect it via a copper wire and test it with a voltmeter and confirm. After that, the sound will be played. In the video below, you will find this diagram in an easy and simple way.
You can solve the problem. The audio is for itel A49 or Itel 631L phone. If you benefited from the video or liked it, do not forget to share it with your friends.

A simple note, dear followers, when you disassemble the Itel 49 phone, be careful of the sound plugs, lest you cut them, as they are very thin.

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Through this post, our dear viewers, you will learn about some of the problems that phone users suffer from, especially in sound problems, and it is not the sound through which we hear the call, i.e. the small speaker, but when we amplify the sound, we find a defect in the sound quality, as there is some sound that stands as a barrier. In front of the call recipient.

Types of sound for the Itel 49 phone or any other phone

As for the sound of the Itel 49 phone, there is the small beep and the big beep. The small beep is the one from which we hear the speech of the phone call without amplifying the sound, and the big beep is the one from which we hear the sounds of YouTube, for example, the sounds of music, and the amplified sound of the call.

Our topic in this lesson is the big buzzer itel a49

We will solve the sound problem of the Itel 49
  1. Disassembling the phone as it is known
  2. Remove the small board that houses the speaker
  3. Rely on an amp meter to search for faults
  4. There are only two audio lines, the negative line and the positive line. The method is easy
  5. We use copper wire to connect the cut side
  6. Testing before we assemble the phone
  7. Congratulations, the operation was completed successfully
If you follow the steps properly and the process succeeds for you in the end, do not forget to like and share the lesson with your friends in the groups. Peace be upon you and thank you.
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