samsung A12 mic jumper track solution

Samsung A12 mic jumper solution

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Today's lesson is about a solution to the microphone problem on the Samsung A12 phone. We will learn about the problem that causes a malfunction of the microphone that receives sound.

samsung a12 microphone problem
Samsung A12 mic jumper solution

What is a microphone?

The microphone is a small part located at the bottom of the phone that receives sound waves and turns them into sound that the caller can receive. Therefore, the phone’s microphone is a must. It is very necessary to receive sound with regard to the phone and with regard to social media, WhatsApp, or Facebook.

Samsung A12 mic not working Solution Mic Changes jumper

The microphone of the Samsung Galaxy A12 phone is the rest of the Samsung, Redmi, or Infinix smart devices. Therefore, we find that the microphone has three pins, not two like the old phones. Therefore, the smartphone microphone is called the digital microphone. In today’s lesson, we will measure the three correct paths for the pin of the digital microphone, all of that in the small board. Which is located at the bottom of the phone, and in which the charging port, the microphone, the headphone port, and the network are located. All of this is in a small board, including the microphone. Therefore, my technical brother, if you have a problem with the microphone, all you have to do is take these correct measurements, which I took from a correct board that does not have any. A problem for use in solving problems related to the microphone.

In the video below, there is a comprehensive explanation of all three tracks of the Samsung A12 microphone. Three important tracks of the digital microphone. Follow the video and do not forget to subscribe and share the video with friends.

Samsung A12 (A125F) Mic not Working Solutions

If you want to ensure the safety of the small tower in which the microphone is located, all you have to do is use a voltmeter to measure the lines and paths that lead from the microphone to the port of the board. If you find any line that is not connected, all you have to do is pass it through a wire or copper metal that conducts electricity in order for everything to be completed successfully.

SAMSUNG M12, A12, F12, M127, A127 mic

The picture below shows the diagram of the correct paths for the microphone in the small board located behind the Samsung Galaxy 12. These paths have been tested using a volt meter. All you have to do is check manually and fix the defect and interruption.

Samsung A12 Mic
Samsung A12 Mic not Working Solutions

I searched the web for questions centered around the problem of the Samsung A12 phone’s microphone, and I found three main topics:

How do we change the Samsung A12 ’s microphone?

  1. First, we disassemble the phone.
  2. We extract the small card that contains the microphone.
  3. Removing the bad microphone from the small board with hot air.
  4. We install the new microphone using hot wind, but opposite the direction in which the hole is located.
  5. Place a piece of aluminum over heat-sensitive objects for resistance.
  6. Finally, we install the small board in the phone and try.

How do we know that the Samsung A12’s mic is the one with the defect?

How can we know that the Samsung 12 phone has a microphone problem? This is the important question. When someone calls us and he has a listening problem, that is, the words I say on my phone do not reach the recipient, or when I send audio to someone, it does not reach here. We can say that the microphone is the one that is faulty, because it is the one that is faulty. Receives sound waves.

Samsung A12 microphone problems and solutions.

When I search the web for problems and solutions to the microphone of the Samsung A12 phone, I find in the first rows words and phrases that indicate the heart of the matter that the owner of the phone whose microphone was damaged is complaining about.

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