samsung j7 pro (J730F) frp bypass , android 8 - without pc

Samsung J7 Pro Frp Bypass | Late METHOD 2024

Samsung J7 Pro  FRP Bypass
Samsung J7 Pro (J730F) FRP Bypass 2024

 Good evening, dear viewers, today we will talk about how to bypass the Google account on the Samsung j7 Pro Android 8

Samsung J7 Pro (J730F) FRP Bypass 2022

When I formatted my Samsung j7 Pro phone, I was asked to verify my Gmail account that was on the phone before I flashed it. This is called Google Protection for all devices Android 8
The method is very easy and simple. The first thing we can do is access the phone's Talk Back feature.
Through the Talk Pack feature, we can access the Internet browser and through it access our website as shown in the video :

We enter the PayPass Google Account blog, which contains a set of solutions to bypass the Google Account of all its types.

Samsung J7 Pro J730F Android 8.1.0 Frp Bypass

In this article, we will need two lines or two links. The first link is Google Account PayPass and the second link is PayPass apk. Through these two links we will easily bypass the Google Account for the Samsung J7 Pro .

These two links are two applications, the first application is PayPass Google Account 8, which changes the Google Play Service for the Samsung J7 Pro phone.
After that, we use the second application through which we log in to our Google Account.

All Samsung Galaxy J7 FRP Android 8 Google Account Bypass

After logging in to the Google account and agreeing to it, we restart  the Samsung J7 Pro .

After turning on the Samsung J7 Pro , we will notice that there is no protection for Google.
  From here we will tell you congratulations, the operation was completed successfully.
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Samsung J7 frp bypass Without pc

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There are some followers who complain that the method did not work for them, but others may support this method and say that it is an effective and successful method. This is another method. For people for whom the first method did not work, here is another method.

A second way to bypass Google Account on the Samsung J7 Pro phone

  1. Switch on your phone and join WiFi.
  2. Go to the "Verify your account" screen.
  3. To bring up the keyboard, type in the email area and then select the "Setting gear icon" by tapping on it.
  4. Tap "Text Shortcut" and then select "Add" in the upper-right corner.
  5. Type any text there at random, and then long-tap the text that you just typed.
  6. A "ASSIST" option will appear; tap it to be taken to the Google app.
  7. Tap "NO THANKS" from the Google screen.
  8. Enter "Chrome" into the search bar, then select the "Chrome icon" from the results to open the Chrome browser and download the FRP tools.

Get the Galaxy J3 FRP Tools here:

  • We are going to download two apps to overcome FRP.
  • Type "Download FRP Tools" into the Chrome search box. The search result will access our website, as seen in the image below.
  • Download "Google Account Manager" from that location based on the version of Android you have.
Note: You can download the Google Account Manager for Android 6, 8, and 9 versions and attempt installing each one separately if you are unsure of the precise Android version of your device.
  • Enter "Google Account Manager" into the search bar. Tap the result to expand it.
  • Tap "Try" after selecting a Google Account Manager that prompts you to "Type Email and Password."
  • Now, select "3 dots" in the upper right corner, then select "Browser Sign-in."
  • To remove the Samsung J7 from Google FRP, add a legitimate "Gmail Account."
Note: Click here to learn how to achieve 3 dots if you are unable to see "3 dots."
  • To restart your device, press and hold the "Power" button before selecting "Restart."
  • This is how to simply get about the frp Galaxy J7; all you have to do now is complete the setup wizard by yourself to get to the device's home screen.
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